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Case Journals Case Management Software

Designed for counsellors and counselling centers, Case Journals provides your organization with a single point of entry for all of your counselling team. Administer the database by first setting up the pertinent demographic and service codes which build your stats automatically.
      · (See how to set up your codes [Youtube video here])
      · (See the list of Codes that you can modify [here])

Workers can work in this multiuser system to:
      · set up the Client [view],
      · and Case demographics [view],
      · record notes and time spent with clients [view],

All the while, the statistics of the service delivery activities are queued automatically for reporting for any date range or demographic range requested.
      · Stats are generated from a single screen at any time [view],
      · See all of the Data Elements that are reported on [view],

Take the statistics to an advanced level, but using the built-in formula builder to construct formulas delivering consistency and ease of use to your statistics generation. for Counsellors
      · see how to build formulas using the Formula Builder [YouTube video here],

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