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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
Our founding company was incorporated in the province of Ontario (Canada) in 1988. In 2000, the division of Grasp Software Corporation was created to concentrate on the production and maintenance of "shrink-wrapped" products like Visual Grasp©

How much is the annual fee?
There is NO MANDATORY ANNUAL FEE. You simply pay for any support that you use when, and if, you need it. Annual upgrade subscriptions are available if desired. Prices vary depending on the licenses for which the subscription is purchased. Contact us for further details.

How much is prepaid support?
Prepaid support is based on $85/hr and is billed out in 1/10th hour increments. A support issue can cost as little as $8.50

How big is Grasp Software Corporation?
Grasp Software Corporation is a privately owned corporation with 5 shareholders.

Can I try out this software before I buy it?
Absolutely. Contact us to arrange an Evaluation kit to be sent to you.

What about if I just wanted a demo?
We can do that too. We can do a web demo on a pre-arranged basis. Contact us to set up your personal web demo.

Do you outsource your support?
Absolutely NOT. We provide all of the product support AND are responsible for all product updates. You will always be talking to the ones that know it best because we wrote it.

Is onsite training available?
Yes. Training programs can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Do you provide data conversion?
Yes. Every situation is different, and we have done "tons" of conversions and would be happy to discuss your conversion needs.

What about customizing the software?
First of all, you will be pleasantly surprised just how flexible Case Journals is right out of the box. We would try to first answer your need by seeing if it already exists in the product. If it doesn't then our next choice would be to see how viable it would be to add that feature into the product in a future build update. If, for some reason, the choice is made not to make it a part of the program, we would be able to build any custom interface to the program that you require.

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