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counselling case management software

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Modifiable Code List

As Administrator of the Case Journals Case Management Software, you have the ability to dictate the various Codes that are accessible by your counsellors and subsequently included in your statistics report.

Client Demographics:
      · Occupation
      · Ethnic Origin
      · Religion
      · Preferred Language
      · Marital Status
      · Country of Birth
      · Education
      · Location
Case Demographics:
      · Program
      · Zone
      · Referral Source
      · Family Status
      · Living Arrangements
      · Accommodation Type
      · Family Income
      · Main Income Source
      · Fee Status (connected to Bill To)
      · Service Category
      · Target Problems
      · Referrals Made
      · Outstanding Problems
      · Reasons for Closure
      · Reasons for Non-Admission
      · Misc. Case Flags
      · Primary Worker
Service Delivery Codes:
      · Program
      · Zone
      · Type of Service
      · Group Type Code
      · Fee Status (connected to Bill To)
      · Worker

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